Military/Industrial Applications


When Failure is not an option...
Consider ToCAD's 39 year (defect-free) experience for all your critical military and industrial applications.

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Medical Applications


Custom made solutions...
ToCAD has a long and successful track record of building quality medical battery packs.

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Consumer Applications


From photo packs to laptop batteries...
Even cellphone and power tool batteries, ToCAD understands your need for leading edge technologies.

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OEM Capabilities

Supporting this Age with High-Density Power

Fast approaching is the day when all communication tools will be mobile. To prepare, we must develop the right energy storage technologies. ToCAD America aims to become a technology trading company that can comply with diverse customer needs by providing the latest information and trend information while enhancing its design capabilities for mechanisms and circuits.

Using SANYO Electric´s Approved Production Lines to Attain the Technological Ideal

When it comes to the processes involved in our long history in the battery business, we have ample experience in working with clients in wide-ranging fields. The vast expertise we have garnered has become one of our most valuable assets. Our design and production lines have the formal stamp of approval from SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. This distinction reflects SANYO´s appreciation of our optimal-quality results. We will continue to rely on the mutual bonds of understanding we have forged with our clients to continue providing them with products ideally suited to their needs.

Our Process


We respond to the constant demand for smaller and lighter products making full use of the latest precision-forming  technologies. We furnish a procurement infrastructure on a global level based in the U.S.A., China and Asia for various domestic  and foreign specialist manufacturers. Using the tactics cultivated over the years, we select the best procurement method for materials and parts and  choose the best production technology; even for small-lot, multi-product orders.


Design work with advanced analysis-simulation tools and three-dimensional CAD helps us visualize  measurement and analysis information in graphical forms that can be readily understood. Our processes shorten design lead times and enable "in-depth designing". Our solutions assure design compliance in harmony with market demand from both demand and supply perspectives.

Trial Production/Evaluation

We carry out highly accurate modeling control by incorporating detailed specification changes and function changes into mockups. We promote a unique verification process to anticipate market needs and focus on usability, based on core technologies developed by our creative engineers. We carry out strict tests and gather various numeric data to anticipate actual production processes with improved performance in cost reduction, production simplicity, material procurement, and environmentally responsible  manufacturing.


We promise advanced development, highly reliable production engineering, and material procurement capabilities by networking directly controlled domestic and overseas bases. We handle small-lot, multi-product production; a style of production in increasing demand. We eliminate all unnecessary costs by systemizing the production processes at our factories (TSS=TOCAD SOLUTION SYSTEM). We realize high quality, high efficiency, and low prices competitive in the global market.


Environment-friendly manufacturing factory

Our Zhuhai factory, completed in April 2007, applies a comprehensive production control system to rationalize production and inspection processes and physical distribution to ensure that we can respond more promptly to orders for higher production volumes, improve quality further, and significantly shorten delivery times. Our factories in Shiroishi and Zhuhai produce battery packs and other products for EMS business, with core support from the central production lines in the Shenzhen factory. Our company will respond to the rapidly expanding global energy market with a prompt and flexible approach.

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Contact Info

Should you have further questions about our OEM capabilities, please contact Joe Murphy

Address: 53 Green Pond Road, Rockaway, NJ 07866
Telephone: (973) 627-9600, ext. 134
FAX: (973) 664-2438
EMAIL: Joe Murphy

Production Facilities:

U.S. Factory

Rockaway, NJ

Floor Area: 3,200 M² (34K sq. ft.)
Battery Packs: Medical, Military, and other devices Capacity: 50K packs / month
Certification: ISO9001 and ISO14001
Location: Rockaway, New Jersey

Shiroishi Factory

Floor area: 3,355 M²
Battery Packs: cell phones, chargers, flash units
Capacity: 700K packs / month
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001
Location: Miyagi, Japan

Zhuhai Factory

Floor area: 6,996 M²
Battery Packs: for electric tools, chargers, flash units
Capacity: 500K packs / month
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001
Location: Zhuhai, China

Shenzen Factory

Floor area: 8,400 M²
Battery Packs: for PC's, battery chargers
Capacity: 1MM packs / month
Certification:ISO9001, ISO14001
Location: Shenzen, China