...I have always, and will continue to be a SunPak Tripod owner, but you have gone above and beyond with your customer service this time!

...You have a life long customer who will spread the good word for years to come!

— Kevin Valencourt

Sunpak 72-in-1 Downloads

72-in-1 Card Reader Manual

72-in-1 Card Reader Software Manual

72-in-1 SIM Editing Software (.zip file)



What Products are covered?

ToCAD America Inc. provides service, support and parts for the below items. Please follow the instructions to insure the appropriate support.

Sunpak: flashes, tripods, digital photo frames, filters and batteries/chargers, Hakuba: tripods, cases and accessories, Contax: cameras, lenses and accessories.

In Warranty Service Requirements

Upon return of a product that is in the warranty term, please provide the following information:

1) Sales receipt
2) Warranty card
3) Description of problem
4) Name and address
5) Daytime telephone number
6) email address

Out of Warranty Service Requirements

Upon return of a product that is out of the warranty term, please provide the following information:

1) Description of problem
2) Name and address
3) Daytime telephone number
4) email address

Where to send it?

Please send the product insured for full value to:

Address: 53 Green Pond Road, Rockaway, NJ 07866
Telephone: (973) 627-9600
ATTN: Service Department

What Happens Next?

Once we receive the returned product...

The product will be inspected to determine whether the product is classified as under warranty. If determined that the product is under warranty, the item will automatically be serviced to factory specifications and returned without any intervention on your part - please allow 10 to 15 working days from the time of receipt by ToCAD America Inc. for repair and shipping.

If the product is out of the warranty term, damaged, does not include the required documentation, or the documentation is incomplete or incorrect, it will be classified as out of warranty. If your return is deemed to be out of warranty, a customer order number and estimate will be provided to you for the repair.

What we do with the return?

Once we receive the returned product for repair...

We will issue a receipt of the return, provide a customer order number to you and an estimated cost of repair (please allow five working days). Once you receive the estimate, you will approve by:


1) Sending a check or money order in the amount stated on the repair estimate
2) Fax your approval to (973) 664-2438 with a credit card number; expiration date and signature
3) Email your approval to service@tocad.com with a credit card number, expiration date
4) Call (973) 627-9600 ext. 115 with credit card information.

How long to repair?

Once we receive payment...

Repair and shipping time normally takes approximately 10 to 15 working days from the date of payment.

Information for Contax Products

Have a Contax camera, lens, or accessory in need of repair?

Contax N Digital, RTS III, U4R, I4R, SL300R T, TVS Digital cameras and 645 lenses are sent to Contax Japan for estimate, approval and repair. This process can take up to 90 days. An estimate is provided free of cost even in the event the unit is not approved for repair.

Contax repair and replacement parts can be ordered by calling, faxing, or emailing us directly. Contax instruction manuals are also available on a limited basis at a cost of $15.00 (+ shipping/handling)

Phone: (973) 627-9600 ext. 115
Fax: (973) 664-2438
Email: service@tocad.com