LED Lights

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The Sunpak Video Lights light up your subjects for better color, contrast and clarity. With high powered LED´s, these lights bring new depth to your videos or pictures. No need to worry about heat since the LED´s stay cool to the touch regardless how long you use it. With the included shoe mount, you can mount it to any camera or camcorder that has a tripod socket. Best of all, they're compatible with all cameras and camcorders, and run on AA or AAA batteries!



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The Sunpak flash units are the perfect accessory for today´s digital SLR cameras. Built in flashes work well when the subject is close, but when the distances increase, they just don´t supply the amount and quality of light for great images. For great contrast and bright colors, check out our fabulous line of flashes and increase the power and flexibility you need to make a great DSLR camera even better..



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The Sunpak Carbon Fiber tripods are focused on the needs of the serious amateur and working professional photographers using the latest DSLR cameras. These heavy duty, ultralight, and full size tripods are among the lightest, most portable and affordable in their class constructed of strong, durable, lightweight carbon fiber legs. They also carry a limited lifetime warranty.



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Sunpak FlexPod Gripper´s unique aluminum core legs are designed to securely wrap around just about any suitable support to give your photos a fresh perspective. Its specially designed non-slip thermoplastic elastomer legs grip tightly and will not slip when properly wrapped around most smooth, dry surfaces. To get the perfect shot, the FlexPod Gripper incorporates a true ball head design to get the best shot anytime and anywhere. Or use the FlexPod Gripper as a tabletop tripod! At under 4 ounces, it´s the perfect compact digital camera companion.



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Sunpak Tri-Monopods are designed for today's latest DSLR cameras and allow the photographer to have greater usefulness without carrying extra equipment. Tri-Monopods can be set up as full size tripods or can be used as a monopod if the situation arises. Some of the features that it offers include a 3-way fluid-effect pan head with quick release plate, built-in bubble level, leg braces for added stability and rubber feet with retractable leg spikes - and a limited lifetime warranty.


Quick Release Plates

Quick Release Plate 620-731

The Sunpak Quick Release Plates are mounting plates that connect your camera or camcorder to the tripod. There are many benefits of a quick release including ease of attachment or removal of your camera from the tripod for fast shots. Many quick release plates include a retractable video indexing pin for use on camcorders to prevent movement when attached.

You can buy multiple quick release plates if you use more than one camera or camcorder for quickly changing your photo equipment.

To Find the right quick release plate for your Sunpak tripod, click on the "Launch Site" button below for our quick reference guide (in .pdf format).


Picturesplus FILTERS

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Our trusted name is now on a new line of popular filters, backed by an extraordinary no questions- asked lifetime warranty. Filters built to our exacting standards so you focus on the image, not on your camera. No-nonsense filters to help you make the most of almost every photo opportunity. Discover how Sunpak PicturesPlus Filters can make you the better photographer you know you are.