About ToCAD America

Company Profile

Since its founding in 1987, ToCAD has been active in the ever-expanding electronics field, providing components and information to a wide range of sectors as a sales agent for a variety of electronic devices such as rechargeable batteries made by Sanyo Electric. As the sector has developed in leaps and bounds, we have expanded from Japan into numerous countries across the world, and the spread of our business has now grown to include the processes from development to production.

Going forward, we will be a global company responding to all the needs of our customers and providing optimal solutions that synergize all our business capabilities. With lofty motives and keen vision, we will constantly accept the challenge of new fields to help our precious world and its people to build the future of their dreams.

Management Philosophy

ToCAD America’s management philosophy is “Management to meet the demands of 21st century society based on a corporate character cultivated for over three decades.” The things that have supported the company are the trust-based relationships we have cultivated both inside and outside the company and the business results that we have steadily built up over the 30-plus years from the TOCAD CO., LTD. era. Although the main operating body has moved from TOCAD CO. LTD. to TOCAD ENERGY, we continue to value the assets we have built up over past years and will strive to develop them further. This is what we mean by “a corporate character cultivated for over three decades.”

As we welcome the 21st century, and as society changes and innovates, companies that stubbornly cling to the old ways and are slow to embrace change are being successively weeded out. As much as we value our corporate identity of the past 30 years, we shall not cling stubbornly to it but will work hard to adapt to the new era. We aim to be the kind of company that society needs in the 21st century, constantly and proactively adopting those new things that we need to adopt to further improve our company. This is what we mean by “management to meet the demands of 21st-century society.” To put it in other words, we aim to maintain the spirit upon which we built the company, while proactively acquiring the skills we need to survive and prosper in a turbulent era; a 21st-century version of wakon-yousai (“Japanese spirit coupled with western science”).