10 Inch Heart-Shaped Rainbow Ring Light Kit


The Sunpak 10 Inch Rainbow Heart Light Kit is a 10-inch USB-powered heart-shaped ring light which has a portable design for tabletop or handheld usage. This rainbow light is designed for use with today’s smartphones in portrait or landscape mode and brings your videos to a whole new level with a variety of dazzling bright multicolor settings with ease!  This multi-color light produces up to 16 different colors and various color transitions to enhance your videos and bring them to a new level.  The tabletop tripod can also be used as a handheld portable unit, when keeping the legs closed and using them as a handle.

The included Bluetooth remote connects to any Apple or Android device without the need of any app or other software.  You can take pictures or start and stop your videos remotely with simply the press of a button.

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Dimensions:10.1” (Outer) / 7.5” (Inner)
Light Source:62 Daylight LEDs / 62 Tungsten LEDs / 42 RGB LEDs
Light Output:100% down to 10%
Power Source:USB 5V
CRI:> 90
Light Output:Daylight, Tungsten and RGB
Tripod Maximum Height:11 in
Tripod Minimum Height:9 in