12 Inch Multi-Color Ring Light Vlogging Kit

The Sunpak 12” Multi-Color Ring Light Vlogging Kit is designed for the Vlogging enthusiast using smartphones or compact cameras.  The kit comes with a 12-inch multi-color LED ring light, 2 ball heads, adjustable reverse-folding light stand as well as a smartphone mount to enable you to get the perfect pictures or videos from any angle.  The ring light also has a self-timer feature, which can turn off after 30, 60 or 180 minutes.

The multi-color LED ring light provides illumination in various levels, has color-corrected light for indoor use and is powered by a USB power port or power bank (not included).  In multi-color mode, the ring light can produce up to 15 different colors, including Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Cyan, Purple, and many more!  You can choose from one color or choose to have a rotation of various colors and transitions on your ring light.  With various color options, the 12” Multi-Color Ring Light Vlogging Kit can set the perfect mood or setting for practically any picture.

The ring light also comes with an inline remote, in which you can control the functions, including turning the unit on or off, changing the colors, transition modes, transition speeds and Daylight, Tungsten and Natural light intensity.  As an added benefit, a wireless ring light remote is included, so you can make all of the same adjustments remotely up to 30 feet away.  The brightness can be adjusted using the wireless remote for Low, Medium and High settings. With the wireless remote, you can have advanced functions, such as setting the self-timer duration as well as navigating through the RGB (multi-color) modes.

In addition to the multi-color feature, the ring light can also produce three Color Temperature settings from Warm (Tungsten), White (Daylight) and Natural (combination of both).  Use the Warm lighting setting to deliver colors more accurately than daylight under ordinary household incandescent lighting.  You can also add a mixture of Daylight and Tungsten (Natural) lighting for color temperatures that are variable from 3200 to 5600K or in between to meet ambient light requirements, match other fixtures, or just for artistic expression.

The ring light can support compact cameras or smartphones via the ball head or flexible smartphone adapter respectively for complete Vlogging capability.  The accessories all fit in an included drawstring pouch so they will always be easily located.

Set up the perfect photo shoot or video production from your smartphone with this Bluetooth remote. A 30-foot range for the Bluetooth-powered remote lets you take the perfect selfie from a distance. The remote connects to any Apple or Android device without the need of any app or other software. The range on the remote is designed to work up to 30 feet away from your smartphone.  You can take pictures or start and stop your videos remotely with simply the press of a button.

Rounding out the kit are a heavy duty 4-section reverse-folding light stand that can easily be adjusted to various height settings up to 54 inches tall, and folds compactly down to under 16 inches.  The included carry case is designed to store your ring light and accessories for easy transport and storage.

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Dimensions:11.8” (Outer) / 9” (Inner)
Light Source:140 high-powered multi-color LEDs
Color Range:Daylight; Tungsten, RGB
Number of Colors:Up to 15 different colors
Power Source:USB 5V
Weight:0.6 lb (ring light only)

3.5 lb (entire kit)

Included Accessories:Flexible smartphone adapter, mini ball head (x2), wireless ring light remote, Bluetooth remote, reverse-folding light stand, carry case
Warranty:1 year limited