ToCAD America Inc. is pleased to announce the new Sunpak 120J-II Bare Bulb Flash, a compact, lightweight, full-featured, shoe-mount bare bulb flash unit for the latest Canon and Nikon digital cameras. The new 120J-II is a new version of the highly regarded 120JTTL bare bulb flash, and has many advanced features to be compatible with today’s latest DSLR’s.

The Sunpak 120J-II provides such advanced features as TTL auto flash (E-TTL II for Canon and i-TTL for Nikon), a high guide number of 177/ft. (54/m), wireless slave for Canon ETTL and Nikon i-TTL, bare bulb with removable parabolic reflector, high speed sync, bounce and swivel head, a large, backlit, full-info LCD, and flash stand for off-camera mounting.

Other features include: Manual power ratio from full to 1/128 power, flash-exposure confirmation and power-saving circuitry that automatically set the unit to Standby Mode after five minutes. The 120J-II is powered by four Ni-MH, Ni-Cd or Alkaline AA batteries or by an available high voltage power pack, the Sunpak TR-3000.

Catalog numbers:

120J-2C (Canon), 120J-2N (Nikon)



Guide Number:177 feet (54 meters) @ISO 100
Bounce Head Settings:0, 45, 60, 75 and 90 degrees
Display:High contrast LCD panel w/red low light illumination
Power Saving:Auto power stand by, auto shut off after 5 minutes
Manual Power Ratios:Full power to 1/128 power in 1 stop increments
Recycle Times:Alkaline: approx. 10 seconds
Ni-MH: approx. 8 seconds
High Voltage: approx. 1 second
Number of flashes:Alkaline: approx. 100
Ni-MH: approx. 140
High Voltage: 500*
TTL Compatible:Canon E-TTL-II, Nikon i-TTL
Weight:12 ounces without batteries
Size:7.87” H x 2.95” W x 2.24” D
Package Contents:Flash, bare bulb, flash case, system case, flash stand
Warranty:One Year Warranty on parts and labor

*High Voltage output is delivered from Sunpak TR-3000 High Voltage Power Pack

Product design and specifications subject to change without notice.