Sunpak Vlogging Kit
Sunpak Vlogging kit USB controller

The Sunpak Portable Vlogging Kit. Use it anywhere!

The Portable Vlogging Kit features a 6” bi-color LED ring light with adjustable intensity, plus daylight and incandescent settings. The bi-color LED ring light can be powered by any standard USB power port, power bank or AC charger; making it easy to use it just about anywhere. The smartphone mount allows the use of smartphones up to 3” wide; even with cases. In addition, the full-featured ball head offers simple and accurate adjustment of the 6” LED ring light and smartphone mount for perfect subject illumination. Best of all, the 42” tripod offers easy open and easy close, stable, shake-free mount for stationary Vlogging, tabletop or floor applications. Plus the tripod extends up to 42” with a unique twist and lock leg system. Just to add to the Portable Vlogging kit’s versatility, you can use it as a handheld Vlogging mobile mount with a USB power pack!

  • 6” bi-color LED ring light offers adjustable, daylight, incandescent settings
  • Smartphone mount works with smartphone up to 3” even with cases
  • 42” tripod works perfectly as a tabletop, floor mount or handheld platform
  • Extra long 6’ USB power cord with built-in controller and illuminated buttons
  • Two position rotating chassis ring allows the legs to be placed at different angles
  • Polycarbonate ball head and chassis is light weight yet super strong
  • Soft feet are non-marring and non-slip; safe for any surface placement
  • Folded use it as a handheld vlogging mobile mount with a USB power pack

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Ring Light Size:6” in bi-color LED
Ring Light Output:Adjustable intensity with daylight and incandescent settings
Ring Light Power Source:USB power port, power bank or AC charger (not included)
Ring Light USB Cord:6’ length with standard USB plug
Smartphone Mount:Auto adjustable up to 3” wide smartphones with cases
Tripod Ball Head:Polycarbonate with single thumb screw lock with vertical cutout
Tripod Chassis:Two position rotating ring for leg angle adjustment
Tripod Maximum Height:42”
Tripod Minimum Height:10”
Tripod Leg Lock Type:Twist and lock
Tripod Feet:Non-marring and non-slip
Quick Release Cat. No.:N.A.
Warranty:One-year limited

Note: smartphone shown is not included. For illustration only. Simulated screen images.