The Sunpak PZ58X flash for Canon, Nikon or Sony is perfect for all your high demand flash demands with a extraordinary high guide number of 190 (feet) / 58 (meters).  The PZ58X is fully compatible with all the latest Canon E-TTL and E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL and Sony ADI DSLR and HDSLR cameras.  It incorporates a high resolution LCD display for easy settings and operations for the perfect setup for any demanding flash need.  The PZ58X also comes with full features such as swivel and bounce head, built in reflector card and diffuser. Works on just four AA batteries for power and fast recycle time as well as Sunpak TR-3000 high voltage power pack.  It also includes wireless TTL control for multiple flash setups.  Topped off with a metal hot shoe for the ultimate in durability.

Other features include:

Auto and manual zoom from 24mm to 105mm;  Master and Slave modes; High Speed Sync; a variety of triggering capabilities, including shoe mount, Master/Slave, PC, S1 and S2 modes; large LCD screen is convenient for you to see and set the functions clearly and correctly; built-in retractable wide angle panel and bounce card for optimal lighting; metal hot shoe, as preferred by many professional photographers; power saving mode; adjustable sound prompt system to indicate working situations to help you better focus on shooting and advanced feature settings allow you to customize the flash functions according to your needs

Catalog numbers:

PZ58XC (Canon)

PZ58XN (Nikon)

PZ58XS (Sony)


Guide Number:190/ft. (58/meters) at ISO 100
Flash Control Mode:E-TTL and E-TTL II (Canon), i-TTL (Nikon) and ADI (Sony)
Flash Coverage:24mm to 105mm
Auto Effective Range:4.3 to 190.3 feet
Power Ratio:Full,  1/2,  1/4,  1/8,  1/16,  1/32,  1/64,  1/128
Number of Flashes100-700 (alkaline batteries)
Recycle Time:3.5 seconds at full power
Multi Flash Frequency:1 – 199Hz
Multi Flash:1-100
Wireless Transmission:Optical
Wireless Options:Off, Master, Slave
Controllable Slave Groups:3 (A,B and C)
EV Adjustment:-2.0, -1.5, -1, -0.5, 0, +0.5, +1, +1.50, +2.0
Sync Modes:Rear Curtain Sync and High Speed Sync
Dimensions:7.5” H x 3.0” W x 1.9” D
Power:4 – AA batteries or optional High Voltage Power Pack
Accessories:Flash stand, flash case, dome diffuser
Warranty:One Year