The Sunpak VRV-10 Virtual Reality Viewer is the perfect way to get the most out of your VR experience, using your smartphone. The comfortable and form-fitting VRV-10 is kept in place with an adjustable and sturdy head strap. The VRV-10 can fit smartphone and phablet screens between 3.5” and 6” respectively. Some features include pull-out smartphone tray, eyesight distance and alignment adjusters, a sliding front panel to cool your phone and adapting double convex lens. You get a full 3D effect from using the goggles without feeling dizzy or disoriented. You’ll never watch videos on your smartphone or phablet the same way again!

Other Features Include:

Designed for smartphones and phablets; superb 3D viewing; compact and lightweight design; adjustable headband; soft and comfortable headrest; access ports for earphones or smartphone charger

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Dimensions:4.25” x 7.5” x 5.75”
Weight:13.5 oz.
Compatibility:Supports smartphones with display sizes 3.5 to 6″
Warranty1 Year